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What is nodeJS

The Node.js framework

Installing Node.js

Using Node.js to execute scripts

The Node Package Manager

Creating a project

The package

json configuration file

Global vs

local package installation

Automating tasks with Gulp

The HTTP protocol.

Building an HTTP server.

Rendering a response.

Processing query strings.

Using Representational State Transfer.

Configuring TLS.

Synchronous vs.

asynchronous I/O.

Path and directory operations.

__dirname and __filename.

Asynchronous file reads and writes.

Using buffers for binary data.

Flowing vs.

non-flowing streams.

Streaming I/O from files and other sources.

Processing streams asynchronously.

Configuring event handlers.


The CommonJS and RequireJS specifications.

Defining modules with exports.

Modules are singletons.

Creating a package.

Module scope and construction.

Unit testing frameworks.

What to test and how to test it.

Building unit tests with Mocha.

The model-view-controller pattern.

Defining Jade and Handlebars templates.

Building a front-end controller.

Defining routes.

Creating actions.

Configuring Express to use Handlebars.

Using REST.

Reading POST data.

Building Handlebars helpers.

Adding middleware.

How Node.js connects to databases

RDBMS databases and NoSQL databases

Connecting to RDBMS and NoSQL databases

Performing CRUD operations

Building client requests to web services


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