Prof. Shripal Jain

Weekdays: Monday to Friday (8am to 10am)

Weekends: Saturday (10am to 5pm) 6 hrs (1 hr break)

₹ 10,500/-


Introduction to HTML, Basic structure of HTML, Formatting tags in HTML, Attributes, Working with Table Tags, The Anchor Tag, Frames, The Frameset tag , The Frame Tag, Tables Table with Border and Heading Attribute, Lists Ordered / Unordered / Nested List, Forms, Input Text Fields, Radio Buttons , Check boxes, The Form’s Action Attribute and the Submit Button, Simple drop down box, Text area, Create a button, Field set around data, Text Fields, Images.

External Style sheet & Internal Style sheet, About CSS, About Syntax, Grouping, To have image as background and Captions, Styles in HTML.

Introduction to PHP Script, Looping statement in PHP Script, Working with Predefined functions, Maintaining Validations in PHP Script, Working with Different types of Mouse Events, Miscellaneous

— PHP’s role in the WWW.

— Language fundamentals.

— PHP Basics.

— Variable rules.

— Storing & retrieving information in variables.

— Decision making in PHP.

— Comparison operators.

— The if construct.

— The while construct.

— The for construct.

— Working with arrays.

— Functions.

— Declaring functions.

— Passing data by reference.

— Variable scope in PHP.

— Working with web forms.

— PHP POST & GET form elements.

— Embedding forms with PHP code.

— Validating form data.

— Guidelines for secure PHP.

— Understanding magic quotes.

— Setting default values in forms.

— Processing uploaded files.

— Retrieving uploaded files.

— PHP session handling.

— PHP cookie handling.

— Handling date & time.

— Working with files in PHP.

— Handling errors.

— A brief history of databases.

— Relational database concepts.

— Database tables.

— MySQL Data types.

— Introduction to PHP Myadmin.

— Creating and Checking Tables.

— Auto increment and Primary Keys.

— Inserting Values into Tables.

— Introduction to programming concepts.

— Introduction to Java Script.

— Data types.

— Displaying Errors.

— Operators.

— Arrays.

— Decisions.

— Loops.

— Functions.

— Objects.

— Browser object model.


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